Beat Beifuss at the Oscars

Do you have what it takes to Beat Beifuss?

John Beifuss, movie critic for The Commercial Appeal, has been analyzing nominees for best picture, best actor and other top awards categories. On February 24, he’s going to announce who he thinks will win in 10 of the categories. If you outguess him, you win a chance to get 20 free Malco movie tickets.

All voting will be online, so fill out the form below. The deadline to vote is 11:59 p.m. on Friday, February 22, 2013.

On Sunday, February 24, look in the M section in the newspaper or online at and and read Beifuss’s picks.

That night, watch the presentations and see how you did. If you were right in more categories than our movie critic, you Beat Beifuss. We’ll take the ballots of the Beifuss Beaters and select up to 10 at random who will receive 20 Malco movie tickets. Winners must make an appointment to pick up tickets within 30 days.