Best Bets: Salmon BLT

The Signature Salmon BLT at Beignet Cafe & Blues Bar, 124 East G. E. Patterson.

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The Signature Salmon BLT at Beignet Cafe & Blues Bar, 124 East G. E. Patterson.

The best sandwich I ever ate was the one my dad made on Sunday nights when I was growing up. He'd put four or five pats of butter on a slice of white bread, spread mayonnaise over that and then add leftover roast beef from Sunday dinner. He'd add dill pickles, salt and another slice of bread. He'd eat that while drinking one of those Cokes in the little green bottle.

I recently discovered another great sandwich: the Signature Salmon BLT at Beignet Cafe & Blues Bar off South Main. It rates up there with my dad's "signature" sandwich.

The BLT includes a big hunk of salmon, peppered and sugared bacon; herb mayonnaise, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and Swiss cheese on multi-grain bread.

Everybody I talked to who's eaten at Beignet Cafe said the Salmon BLT is their favorite thing on the menu.

"It's popular," said Adam Woodard, who I ran into on South Main. "It's got a reputation."

"I don't even like salmon, but I love their salmon BLT," said my colleague Nikki Boertman.

Cole Weintraub, another fan of the sandwich, summed it up: "They keep it simple."

Norma Crow, who owns the property and is a cook and the consultant at Beignet Cafe, came up with the sandwich. "We needed a signature item," she said. "A salmon BLT sounded good to me."

For 20 years, Crow owned the Silver Leaf 1815 Country Inn, a bed and breakfast housed in a circa 1815 log house in Lyles, Tenn.

She bought the building that houses the Beignet Cafe in 2007. "I came to Memphis 'cause I love the blues and I love the river," she said.

It became the Beignet Cafe because Charles Duke, who was the project manager during the building's renovation, told Crow he always wanted a beignet cafe. Crow said, "Why not put it in this building?" Duke, whose father was a chef, now is the Beignet Cafe & Blues Bar owner.

Crow also is the author of "Silver Leaf Country Inn/Norma's Favorite Recipes & Reflections." A popular item in the book is "Mama Crow's Jam Cake." That's not on the menu at Beignet Cafe & Blues Bar. "It's not Christmas," she said. "That's a seasonal cake. It's a Thanksgiving and Christmas cake."

Beignet Cafe & Blues Bar is at 124 East G. E. Patterson; (901)-527-1551.

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