Best Bets: Mango Chicken

Mango Chicken at Tao Too Asian Eatery fills mango halves with loads of chicken chunks and fresh mango.

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Mango Chicken at Tao Too Asian Eatery fills mango halves with loads of chicken chunks and fresh mango.

The first mango I ever ate came out of a can from a grocery store. I grilled a steak and ate the sliced mango on the side. I thought it was delicious.

I've now progressed to fresh mango. I love it. So, when I heard about Mango Chicken at Tao (pronounced "Dow") Too Asian Eatery, I had to head to the restaurant in Germantown to try some.

It didn't disappoint.

The presentation is beautiful. Loads of chicken chunks and fresh mango are served in the two scooped-out halves of the mango and covered with an incredibly-great tasting sauce. I saw some carrots and green onions in there, too. The plate was garnished with a sprig of Thai basil.

Molly Lam said Mango Chicken already was on the menu when she and her husband, Bill Lam, took over Tao Too Asian Eatery two years ago.

They didn't know what the sauce was like because they'd never ordered Mango Chicken anywhere, Holly said.

Her husband, who is from Hong Kong, "didn't really know how they cooked it," she said. So, he came up with his own special sauce, which has a "semisweet flavor -- a little salty, little spicy, not real spicy."

Bill uses a lot of black pepper in the sauce, but Holly didn't go into much more detail. They do use "white meat chicken," she said. "No dark meat chicken."

Mango Chicken is "not a traditional dish," said Holly, who is from Vietnam. "I'd never heard of it."

They don't cook mangos in Vietnam, Holly said. They eat them fresh. They also dip green mangos into a mixture of hot pepper and fish sauce. "It's like a salad or snack. It's pretty sour."

Asian customers at Tao Too prefer traditional dishes, including Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup, Holly said.

You also can get Mango Shrimp at the restaurant. It's more popular than the chicken, said Holly, who prefers the Mango Shrimp. "We eat more seafood than meat."

Whether you get the Mango Shrimp or Mango Chicken, you still get the same benefit, Holly said. "Mango helps keep you young."

Tao Too Asian Eatery is at 2072 West Street in Germantown; (901) 737-3988.

Michael Donahue: (901) 529-2797.

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