Letter: Misguided gun policy

My wife and I attended a movie recently at the Malco theater in Collierville. A notice posted on the doors said handguns were not allowed inside — I am sure in response to the shootings in the theater in Colorado.

I expressed my thoughts to a manager, who stated she agreed with me, and I also sent a complaint to the theater, asking where is the common sense in this decision. Their response was: "After numerous discussions with the Federal Department of Homeland Security as well as other law enforcement agencies, it was suggested by all that we post a 'No Gun Policy.' All other major theater chains in the country have adopted a similar policy."

Will anyone who is intent on doing harm to anyone in the theater obey this sign? No. Who will obey the sign? Only law-abiding citizens and theater customers who have been through an FBI background check and approved for firearms carry. They are the very most law-abiding citizens in our community.

So the theater's managers tell the criminals there are no firearms in the theater and you can come and do all the killing you want, without fear of anyone stopping you. Sound like a safe place to be? I think not. It's just another example of a citizen's rights under the Constitution being taken away.

I'll watch my movies on Blu-ray, in the safety of my home.

Charles Briggs

Rossville, Tenn.

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carjo writes:

The Constitution has nothing to do with you carrying a gun, The second amendment is for you to be allowed to have a gun in your home to protect your family. Or if you have been granted a carry permit by the local authority. OR if you are a policeman or sheriff's deputy.

Quit bit ching redneck.

wedge_999#531076 writes:

No, the Second Amendment exists to give the Populace of the United States the ability to overthrow the Government. All the other abilities that come with it are secondary (but not insignificant) benefits.
Most gun control laws do little to keep someone with criminal intent or background from obtaining or using a firearm. They greatly hinder law abiding citizens from doing the same. If a criminal or would-be criminal wants a gun and has enough money they will get one and no law will stop that.

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