Best Bet: Maple bacon doughnuts

Michael Donahue/The Commercial Appeal
Gibson's has offered its maple bacon doughnuts for about a month.

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Michael Donahue/The Commercial Appeal Gibson's has offered its maple bacon doughnuts for about a month.

I'd heard the buzz about the new maple bacon doughnuts at Gibson's Donuts because I stop there just about every night to get a cup of coffee on my way home. They never had any of the famous doughnuts because they usually were sold out by the time I got to the shop.

I was on my way out of Gibson's the other night when I noticed a full tray of them in the showcase. I immediately bought some. I ate one. Then I couldn't wait to eat another one.

"It's something you gotta try," said Tripp Mattis, who works at Gibson's. "It's just interesting."

They've had the doughnuts, which were created at the shop, for only about a month, said Melissa Wilbanks, who also works at Gibson's. "Everybody hesitates before they buy one," she said. Then they "come back the next day for more."

One customer now comes to the store every morning to get one. "He's addicted to them."

The best time to try them is after they come out of the fryer around 4 or 5 a.m., Wilbanks said. "The outside of the doughnuts are a little crispy and they're just to die for when they're hot. They melt in your mouth really. And the icing is still a little wet on them. When they're fresh like that they still hold a little grease."

A couple of Mattis' friends were at Gibson's the night I tried my first maple bacon doughnut. They already had tried them. Chip Ogles didn't like them cold.

Moneisia Tanksley, who was with Jasmine and Janelle Minor, said the maple bacon doughnuts reminded her of "a caramel pancake with bacon on it."

That was the perfect explanation. They taste like breakfast. And when I ate one with my coffee, it was just about perfect. Now I need to get to Gibson's around 4 or 5 a.m. to try them hot and fresh out of the fryer.

Gibson's Donuts is at 760 Mt. Moriah; 901-682-8200.

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