Kanye West reportedly looking to buy Graceland

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Photo by Associated Press

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Rapper Kanye West is reportedly interested in buying Graceland for his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, according to British newspaper the Daily Star.

The home, a designated national landmark, is currently owned by Elvis Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

The Star quotes an anonymous source close to Kardashian as saying, “There have been constant whispers that it’s due to go on the market, as long as it stays open to the public and as a place for Elvis fans to visit.

“Kanye is really excited about the possibility of owning it.

“He thinks it would be really cool if he, Kim and baby Nori lived there, at least some of the time.”

In May, CORE Media Group, which owns Elvis Presley Enterprises, announced it was seeking $200 million in a deal to sell the operation that oversees tours of Graceland and controls licensing, merchandising and music publishing for the King of Rock and Roll, along with television, film, video and Internet projects in the United States and worldwide. The deal would also include Muhammad Ali Enterprises.

But any sale of the operation would not include the Graceland property, the popular Memphis tourist attraction that draws more than a half-million fans every year. That’s because Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie, retains sole ownership of the mansion on Elvis Presley Boulevard, the original 13-acre grounds and the late entertainer’s artifacts including awards, cars, costumes and furniture.

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dcsinheber writes:

We've got enough "trash" in this city already; sure don't need the King & Queen of Drama. Please stay in LA-LA land where your fans can appreciate whatever it is you do. Besides that would mean that the Step-Grandfather, good for nothing, Bruce Jenner would come to visit.

carjo writes:

I can't think of anything or anyone that would be worse than West and Kardashian owning Graceland. I think that would surely make Elvis turn over in his grave.

If Lisa Marie sells the House to West and Kardashian she should stop using the name Presley atop saying she's Elvis' daughter.

dtruth writes:

P.....leeease!!!! I don't think so!

tonygottlieb#307699 writes:

Soil your mess kit like Kanye West and you can't buy enough class.

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