Meet the Bartender: Mickey Blancq

MICHAEL DONAHUE / The Commercial Appeal
Mickey Blancq, bartender at Hog & Hominy

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MICHAEL DONAHUE / The Commercial Appeal Mickey Blancq, bartender at Hog & Hominy

Age: 27

Title: Bartender at Hog & Hominy

Hometown: Memphis

How did you get into bartending? I've been in the restaurant industry for six or seven years. I worked at Andrew Michael (Italian Kitchen). When they opened up this place, they promoted me to lead server. I recently got promoted to bartender.

What makes a good bartender? You have to be able to relate to your guests and have a good conversation with them. Make them as interested in what you're doing as much as you are yourself. I care about every drink I make.

What's the best part of being a bartender? Having people overwhelmed. They order something and they're taken aback by how good it is.

What's popular at your bar right now? The Rusty 72 was part of our fall lineup. It's Tanqueray Rangpur, a little bit of hibiscus ginger simple syrup, a little splash of lemon juice and top it with Champagne.

What's not popular at your bar right now? Any type of fizzes, to be honest. We've run a couple of fizzes and the egg whites scare people. People have this fear of raw eggs.

What's your favorite drink (mixed drink, wine or beer)? The Old Fashioned. A sugar cube, a little bit of bitters, ice and a little orange peel.

What are some of your other interests? I love music, for one. I actually have a recording degree. That was my first passion before I found food.

Did you grow the handlebar mustache because of your bartending job? It was an accident, to be completely honest. I usually grow a beard twice a year. I let it go for two or three months. A pretty rugged beard. I shaved it. My mustache was kind of curling up a little bit. I put a little product on there and I have to say it was kind of like a joke. I came into work the next day with the mustache and now they won't let me shave it off.

Hog & Hominy is at 707 West Brookhaven Circle; (901) 207-7396

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