Meet the Bartender: Jessie Lee Milam

Jessie Lee Milam bartends at Double J Smokehouse & Saloon in Downtown.

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Jessie Lee Milam bartends at Double J Smokehouse & Saloon in Downtown.

Age: 23.

Title: Bartender at Double J Smokehouse & Saloon.

Hometown: Jackson, Tenn.

How did you get into bartending? I started when I was 18 years old. My dad’s friends owned a bar. They were like, “Jessie, you’re cute. Come bartend for us.” So that was it. I was just slinging beer in a little-bitty biker beer joint.

What makes a good bartender? Somebody that has personality and can talk to their customers and cut up with them. You gotta be spunky.

What’s the best part of being a bartender? Your customers. You get regular people that come in every day. They become a part of your life. You’re friends with them. You know all about their families. And they know all about you and what you’re doing.

What’s popular at your bar right now? Irish Car Bombs. I’ve never made so many in my life. It’s half a pint of Guinness, and then you’ve got Jameson (whiskey) and Bailey’s (Irish Cream) in a shot. You drop it (in the beer). Shoot it all at once.

What’s not popular at your bar right now? I used to sell a lot of Grape Bombs. It used to be everybody liked Grape Bombs. I have not made any of those here. It’s grape vodka and Red Bull.

What’s your favorite drink (mixed drink, wine or beer)? Bud Light. I’m just as country as I can be.

What are some of your other interests? I’m starting cosmetology school.

Double J Smokehouse & Saloon, 124 E. G.E. Patterson; 901-347-2648.

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