Best Bets: North Memphis BLTA at The Office@Uptown

North Memphis BLTA at The Office@Uptown.

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North Memphis BLTA at The Office@Uptown.

If for some strange reason you actually like eating at your desk, check out The Office@Uptown, a restaurant where you can eat at an office desk. And you can work while you’re eating because they have computers, scanners, fax service and Wi-Fi.

You also can eat at a conventional table with four chairs. But wherever you decide to sit, try the North Memphis BLTA sandwich in a spinach wrap. The “A” is for avocado. The “B” stands out because you get a lot of bacon on this sandwich. I’m used to a few skimpy slices, if that many, on bacon, lettuce and tomato concoctions.

“Everything tastes better with bacon,” said Valerie Peavy, the restaurant’s owner.

The avocado was added because Peavy likes avocado. I do too. This is a fresh-tasting, hefty wrap. If you don’t want a wrap, you can order a conventional sandwich on sourdough or wheat bread.

They also offer sandwiches named the “Uptown Classic” (a turkey panini on ciabatta), the “Bluff City Classic Club” (the restaurant’s best-seller and I loved it) and “The Greenlaw” (roasted turkey breast or ham) to honor North Memphis, where the restaurant is located. You can get all kinds of condiments, but the chipotle mayonnaise is the most popular, Peavy said.

The Office@Uptown also serves soups, salads, side items and “their own spin on the veggie pizza, (which is) made with flatbread,” Peavy said. People often order chicken on that pizza, which “takes the veggie out of the veggie pizza.”

Peavy loves Panera Bread, McCallisters’s Deli and Subway, so she wanted to go along those lines as far as the food.

Outside and inside, this is a nice-looking establishment, although it does feel like you’re walking into somebody’s office when you enter the place. The original idea was to put offices in the building, but Peavy changed her mind and created the restaurant because there was no “sit-down place” in the area, she said.

The office theme was perfect. “We already had the furniture.”

Some of her family members regularly use those office desks; a niece runs a nonprofit and someone else is a notary, Peavy said.

Another guy came in, “sat down, put on his headphones, listened to his music, checked his e-mails and just went to work.”

They also have a conference room. Peavy calls The Office@Uptown “a place where you can work, learn and dine.”

Jeff Harrison, Peavy’s husband, makes the sweet tea. He wasn’t happy with the sweet tea he got at other restaurants because it wasn’t sweet enough. This sweet tea is perfect.

The Office@Uptown stops serving food at 3 p.m., but they’re open for office services until 5 p.m. during the week. They serve breakfast beginning at 7 a.m. during the week and 8 a.m. on Saturdays, in case you want to get to your desk early.

The Office@Uptown is at 594 North Second. Call 901-522-1905.

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