Letter: The least of these

Brent Miller, Southaven

When a child goes hungry we are all to blame! We are so quick to place the blame on the parents of these children. We want tougher laws on those who receive government assistance, and maybe there should be. But while we are waging this war we must realize that there are casualties in this war, and it is not those dead beat parents, but that child, that child who woke up today still hungry.

There are so many variables that come into play here, so many arguments to be made on both sides of these issues. I understand that. But I can’t see past that hungry child, and I can’t stand by any longer while we try to forget this child exists.

Mid-South food pantries are “bare,” churches are struggling to keep up. The government is busy filling their pockets with their own lust for power and greed; they have no time for this child who hungers for nothing more than a piece of bread. It isn’t their fight anyway, it is ours, the parents of this world. We wouldn’t allow our own children to go hungry, so how can we allow any child to go hungry.

This is no longer a racial problem, a social problem or an economical problem; this has become a problem of the heart. And we all need to look within our own and wonder how we allowed a child to go hungry today, and will we allow them to go hungry any longer! It has to start with us.

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mdtwntgr writes:

I am with you Brent. It is an embarassment to ALL of us. It is so simple to give a few dollars at the grocery check out to help the food bank. I always give to the various drives such as the Postal Workers arrange to pick up at your home. There is so much food thrown away each day at the grocery stores, restauarants, etc. We must find a way to get food to these childern. If it is through the schools, so be it. This leaves them hungry over the weekends. This is a national crisis, not just Memphis, but we have to start here.

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