Letter: Hoping for the best

David Wieland, Eads

Obamacare is here, and we must adjust our thinking to work within its guidelines.

As a senior citizen, I am under Medicare. As a father and grandfather, I worry about the well-being of my children, grandchildren and great-grand children. Paying for this care, available doctors, long lines and adequate drugs, without high out-of-pocket co-pays, are major concerns. What good is insurrance if you must pay out of pocket at hospital before you can get the major help you might need? I understand that this could be from $1,000 to $ 6,000.

My heart and research tell me that this law has major flaws and will create a downturn in millions of people’s lives, but I hope I am wrong.

This law is supposed to treat all Americans equally, but the political side allows certain groups to get exemptions, among them Congress, its staff members, and groups that support large business.

The loss of full-time jobs is not a political answer but a basic fact that our lifestyles are changing already and the outlook for growth for the next generations is in jeopardy.

If this law creates the so-called train wreck, I hope my fellow citizens will stand up and demand something better, no matter what their political affiliation might be.

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