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Chris Peck joined The Commercial Appeal as editor in December 2002. He oversees all news operations at the newspaper and serves on the executive management team. Prior to coming to Memphis he was the Belo Distinguished Chair in Journalism at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Before that he was editor of The Spokesman-Review in Spokane. He and his brother own some small newspapers in Wyoming. Chris is married to Kate Duignan and they have two children.
Chris Peck

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  • Editor
    10/08/2007 - current

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  • Chris Peck: $5,000 tweet is instructive Published 03/10/2013 at midnight

    Anthony Jackson was reclining in his Southeast Memphis bedroom watching TV when his $5,000 tweet came to him.

  • Chris Peck: D.C.'s bad budget comedy Published 03/03/2013 at midnight

    No, we can't buy it all. But we can do better by setting priorities and a budget.

  • Chris Peck: The wrong battles over pot Published 02/24/2013 at midnight

    The marijuana mindset in Tennessee versus Washington state could not be more different. Just look at the biggest marijuana stories in each state over the past few weeks.

  • Chris Peck: Time warps' powerful pull Published 02/17/2013 at midnight

    What satellite radio teaches you about the allure of living in a time warp.

  • Chris Peck: Furor over parks wastes valuable energy Published 02/10/2013 at midnight

    Every day spent on this issue means one less day spent on matters that touch your pocketbook, your children's education and the quality of life in Memphis.

  • Chris Peck: Marriage doomed at takeoff Published 02/03/2013 at midnight

    The old country song reminds us that in life and business, sometimes we're the windshield, and sometimes the bug.

  • University of Memphis honors hospital executive Johnson Published 02/01/2013 at 10:16 p.m.

    Cato Johnson, senior vice president for corporate affairs at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, was honored Friday with the Arthur S. Holman Lifetime Achievement Award at the University of Memphis.

  • Blue CRUSH controversy Published 01/27/2013 at midnight

    The white towers topped with flashing blue lights stand as reassuring icons to crime-weary Memphis.

  • Chris Peck: History's best left 'back there' Published 01/20/2013 at midnight

    Does history matter? And who gets to decide what version of history matters more? Tough questions.

  • Chris Peck: A mentor for life's second half Published 01/13/2013 at midnight

    When boys are young and foolish, and fresh-faced novices about life, they find mentors. A coach, a father, an erudite uncle will step in and help a young buck launch. But what about when men grow older?

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